Download The Gumcha Design Portfolio
– a product of more than 2,000 years of design evolution in handloomed cotton by a community of subsistence farmer/ weavers in the rural areas of the Ganges River Delta.

We hope that you find inspiration in this archive of unique designs.  Several more volumes of the GumCha Design Portfolio will soon be available providing hundreds of interesting patterns for study.

Easy Download of the Portfolio

We hope that  American weavers, fabric designers and artists use this Design Resource to inspire your work and help us save a tradition in handweaving and design that has provided much needed support to farming communities and families in our area for millennia.

Use the button above to download Volume 1.  Because of the high-resolution photographs, the PDF file is approximately 65 MB, so it may take a minute to download.
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“Received our three gumchas today.  Everyone is excited.  They are so colorful and designed in such good taste.  Have to be pleased.  Furthermore, my purchase will go for such a good cause.”
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Click on the any GumCha for higher resolution and more details.

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“I am so pleased to have received my order of GumCha scarves. I will be giving them as gifts to family and friends.  I think your GumCha project is very imaginative, and a wonderful way to raise money for your program while helping to support local weavers.”
– SE, Washington DC


A GumCha is the original: cotton scarf, towel, hat, skirt, and air conditioner and are used by millions of hard-working people every day.  The GumCha collected in this portfolio are handloomed by rural farming families in West Bengal, India, from 100% Indian cotton.  GumCha are about 64”-69” long and from 25”-29” wide, yet only weigh about 4 ounces. There are over 10,000 distinct patterns and color combinations, and because they are handwoven, each is unique.

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