Announcing the Publication of Volume 1 of The GumCha Design Portfolio

A gift from the weavers of Bengal who have been creating the versatile, beautiful, and useful cloth, called a GumCha, since at least the 3rd Century BC.

We hope that American Weavers and Fabric Artists find inspiration in this archive of unique designs.  Several more volumes of the GumCha Design Portfolio will soon be available providing hundreds of interesting patterns for study.

The GumCha Design Portfolio is the product of more than 2,000 years of design evolution in handloomed cotton by a community of Master Weavers in the rural areas of the Ganges River Delta.

High-Resolution Photographs of Unique Design Motifs for Inspiration and Study

2 ways to download the GumCha Design Portfolio PDF

Each volume of the GumCha Design Portfolio PDF contains high resolution photos that allow enlargement up to 1600% so that the designs can be easily studied.  While the portfolio can be easily viewed on a mobile phone (1st Way to Download), to thoroughly study the designs it might be easier to use a larger screen (2nd Way to Download).

Because of the high-resolution photographs, the PDF file is approximately 68 MB, so it may take a minute to download.

1st Way to Download
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