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Discover 100% cotton Handwoven GumCha created by subsistence farmer/weavers.

Explore over 2,000 years of design evolution.

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Every time she loads her loom the weaver chooses the colors and patterns.

Throughout the generations of creating this simple cloth, each family of Weavers has refined their designs to reflect their creativity. There are over 3000 weaver families in our area. Each family has between 6 and 10 designs under continuous evolution.

Now, every month, thousands of distinctive, highly sophisticated, elegant and colorful patterns are being produced.

Triple the income of traditional weavers AND support health education and better access to health services for their families.

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A handwoven GumCha has been a traditional gift in India’s rural communities since Buddha walked the trails leading through the service area of the GumCha4Health Project. 

Our area has been the acknowledged home of master weavers since at least the Third Century BC. Historically, GumCha have been locally made, locally sold, and used by working people in agricultural communities in this part of Asia …  Now they can be enjoyed by the people on the other side of the earth.

“Received our three gumchas today.  Everyone is excited.  They are so colorful and designed in such good taste.  Have to be pleased.  Furthermore, my purchase will go for such a good cause.”
– JL, Buffalo, New York

A GumCha is more than a scarf, towel, air conditioner or shawl. 

Keeping money and jobs within the local rural economy is central to our plan.

We purchase GumCha directly from weavers, not middlemen, and the processing of GumCha, their labeling and shipping to the USA are conducted by local staff in Rampurhat.  Finished packages of GumCha sent from our office and shipping center located just south of Chapel Hill, NC, USA which handles sales, marketing, promotion, order fulfillment, and customer service.


The GumCha4Health Project triples the income of traditional weavers AND supports health education and better access to health services for their families and communities.

There’s a special — somehow ancient — feeling when you drape a friend’s neck with a GumCha and say a few words of well wishes.


It’s fun to give someone a GumCha, a “blessing in cotton,” and we think people everywhere will find it a fine and useful gift.

GumCha4Health, LLC is a social business designed to provide a self-sustaining funding source to support programs for:

1.  Community-based healthcare and health education for poor rural farm laborers, subsistence farmers, their families and their communities.
2.  The development of the rural farm economy in our service area by tripling the income of subsistence farmer/weavers for weaving GumCha.
3.  Projects that address the health issues of the rural poor, and the economic and educational needs of agriculturally based communities.
4.  The creation of a dependable international market for a unique, useful, handmade product, by introducing GumCha to the Americas and Europe.

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As an added bonus, each GumCha in your order will be accompanied by a card-sized 4-page brochure that introduces GumCha, the weavers, and the public health programs that the project supports.  This is great for giving GumCha as a gift.

Please beware – giving GumCha to friends and loved ones is a pleasantly habit-forming experience.
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