GumCha are made for people:

who work hard, who are in the sun and cold, who need something to wash with, to dry with, to wipe away the sweat of the day. People who run, swim, bike, walk, hike or work in the garden will want a GumCha. Folks that work out in a gym, do yoga, get cold or get hot need one (or 3). And, for everyone, a GumCha looks great with a jacket or sweater, jeans or a dress.

Now you can choose your GumCha from over 30 new designs:

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GumCha are for activists:

Folks who support Subsistence farming, Self-sufficiency, Traditional handloom weavers, Handmade artisan cottage industries, Fair trade, Women’s health in rural areas, Infant and child health, Sustainable communities, and hard working people everywhere.


Buy GumCha for just $20 ea. - Shipping is Free

Triple the income of traditional weavers AND support health education and better access to health services for their families and communities.

We now have over 7,000 GumCha in stock with 80 different patterns and color combinations ready to ship.
More arrive every week.

When to expect delivery: Expect delivery within 7 business days.  We are now shipping from the USA via United States Postal Service Priority Mail. When you receive your GumCha please let us know what you think.  Your opinions are important to the success of our project.  Our contact address is: [email protected].

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Click Here to choose your GumCha from the best of the thousands of original patterns and color combinations created by Master weavers/designers in our area.

Shipping is Free and get delivery within 5 business days.

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GumCha — 100% cotton, about 60“-68“ long and 25“-28“ wide, yet weigh less than 4 ounces. Because GumCha are handloomed, each is unique, expect some variation in the pattern of each GumCha of the same design.

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GumCha: handloomed by farmer/weavers combining art with hard work while providing an essential component of the economy of subsistence farming families for generations.

Thank You

And  --  OR

You can support the health projects GumCha4Health supports through your direct contribution.

Donate any amount and your tax-deductible gift will go directly to supporting our health projects.

Thank You

GumCha4Health, LLC is a social business designed to provide a self-sustaining funding source to support programs for:

1. Community-based healthcare and health education for poor rural farm laborers, subsistence farmers, their families and their communities.
2. The development of the rural farm economy in our service area by tripling the income of subsistence farmer/weavers for weaving GumCha.
3. Projects that address the health issues of the rural poor, and the economic and educational needs of agriculturally based communities.
4. The creation of a dependable international market for a unique, useful, handmade product, by introducing GumCha to the Americas and Europe.

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Pick your GumCha from our wide selection for $20 each (shipping is free)
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If you buy 2 or more GumCha from our catalog, we will send you one complementary GumCha as a gift.  (We'll pick out a great design from the many we have in stock) Shipping is free (our standard shipping is through USPS and takes between 5 and 7 days), sales tax included, and your order will be much appreciated right now.

As an added bonus, each GumCha in your order will be accompanied by a card-sized 4-page brochure that introduces GumCha, the weavers, and the public health programs that the project supports.  This is great for giving GumCha as a gift.

Please beware – giving GumCha to friends and loved ones is a pleasantly habit-forming experience.
Thank you for your support.

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